Monday, August 24, 2009

What Just Happened?!

It's funny...I just got through the Solzhenitzyn chapter talking about how the Soviet Union would recruit "stoolies" to spy on neighbors or fellow prisoners. Now...

"Because the city area is so large -- covering nearly 500 square miles -- the water cops wouldn't be able to do their jobs without tips from neighbors. The city's anonymous hotline and email address pulls in dozens of tips a day from residents ratting out nearby water wasters.
Ms. Ryan complained that not everyone on her block abides by the two-day-a-week rule for lawn watering. "Some of my neighbors have been cheating," she said.
But she stops short of turning them in. "I don't like the dynamic that it sets up," she said.
Others are more zealous. Gayle Martin, a landscaper who lives in the city's Mid-Wilshire neighborhood, has been on the lookout. She used one facet of the water conservation program -- cards residents can hang on their neighbor's doors alerting them to water waste. The city dubs it the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors Save Water" program. One neighbor, she said, was flooding the sidewalk.
"She has broken sprinkler heads that shoot up and just flood the gutter," she said. "It's just a mess."
" (emphasis mine).

Well, Solzhey, I guess it's a good thing you're dead.

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