Friday, January 8, 2010

Thoughts on Avatar

The Last Airbender no, James Cameron's film.

Primary thought for the first half: What kind of evolutionary selection produces all the bioluminescence, the blues and purples in a sea of greens, the unusual breathing systems of things like the banshees (look behind the love interest's foot when she first shows one off), the apparent lack of herbivores except for the lemur thingies?

Primary thought for the second half: Who made that guy a colonel? The first half shows he's got some psychological issues, and the second shows that he's not the greatest tactician in the world.

Who names an element Unobtainium?

The movie is supposed to be very epic and memorable. I can't remember the names of ANY of the characters (and I just saw it about seven hours ago). In my mind, they're The Hero, the Love Interest, the Love Interest's Rival who Dies to Set Up the Happy Ending, Col. Crazy (who dies), the Corrupt Corporate Executive, the Scientist Lady (who dies), her Assistants x2, the Gunship Pilot Defector from Decadence (who dies), the Mystic Mama, the Tribal Chief (who dies), and a whole bunch of extras (most of whom die).

The Na'Vi are a lot more human than the filmmakers or they themselves suggest. The religious structure, the tribal's all a combo of naturalistic monism (the all mother, Eya (sp?)) and that tribe from Dances with Wolves.

My dad thought the main character's war cries make him sound like Howard Dean.

Was I the only one shaking my head in laughter at the final scene where the main character decides to remain a Na'Vi, or the scene with Eya's revenge during the big battle?

Advice to Colonel Crazy: if you'd focused on delivering your payload instead of shooting down Na'Vi, you could have started home for dinner a good five minutes before Eya's Revenge.

The cargo-shuttle-turned-manual-bomber was thirty seconds away from the Big Tree when they started arming it. Main character easily takes about fifteen seconds+ sabotaging it. When it blew up, it should have rained a lot of shrapnel and burning things on the tree. Even if it didn't, all of the ash and wreckage means the ecosystem for the entire area is in for some fun.

I'm pretty sure the nervous-tentacle thingy stuck in the ear of the horse-thingys and the banshees are supposed to represent some sort of symbiosis of nature. But it's really much more interesting seen as a form of parasitism.

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