Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shall I Call Out God?

Can't sleep, download for homework from Mudd servers is taking forever, so let's talk religion.

Involuntarily, I'm some unusual combination of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism practiced by my mother (who drags me to her temple for prayer whenever she can). None of those have the same practice as Judaism, where the mother's religion automatically is considered the child's. Which is great, because after 5 years of getting dragged to temple, I figure the whole damn theology's a bunch of hooey anyway.

So what do I call myself? NOT Christian, even though my views tend towards the conservative and I did go to a Christian private elementary for a few years. Only thing I remember is how biblical stories got integrated into pretty much everything, and going to the principal frequently later in the year due to some mental issues.

I call myself "agnostic anti-theistic". I don't know and don't particularly care whether or not there is a god, gods, heavenly host, or whatever, but if any of the above have some sort of "divine plan" for how the world should go or end, kindly leave me out of it. I'm not prepared to stake my horse to someone or something who's full willing to unironically invoke the Omniscient Morality License (, thank you very much.

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