Monday, August 10, 2009

That Valkri is a SPY!

You know the Spy?

Think this guy, but with a red suit instead of a blue one. He has a bunch of fun tricks you can pull on an unsuspecting enemy:

  • He can make himself look completely like a member of the opposing team, even choosing a name that matches the class being played (if available). The only clues the enemy has that he's a SPY are that he's solid to them and he catches on fire.
  • He can also render himself invisible for a period of time, and extend that invisibility by picking up ammunition boxes.
  • He can disable buildings with his "sappers" without dropping his disguise, slowly draining their health and eventually destroying them without engineer intervention.
  • And once he gets behind his enemy...


Boom! One shot kill!

I just racked up twenty of these bad boys without getting killed (my team still lost though), shot one guy, disabled several buildings and generally made a real ass of myself whenever the enemy tried to make a push!

And what does Steam decide to do? It says "Nope! Too bad! I'm not keeping a record of it! Even though I got all these fun numbers to show you, I'm not going to actually UPDATE your records!"

Wah....! Anybody else have this problem out there? WAH......!

UPDATE! Turns out it DID save it! I was just looking in the wrong spot! He he...

UPDATED UPDATE: NOOO! It's gone again!


  1. I know your pain... Current unrecorded claim to fame! 59 points, 30'ish backstabs, lots of revolver kills, and evil laughter!

    And weeping after it didn't record...

    Seems redundant posting on here, after I already told you the story on the IM. /grin

  2. This lasts a lot longer than the Steam IM, trust me.