Friday, August 7, 2009

Team Fortress Unlock Ideas

Too much politics! It's game time!

As I noted in the Pyro entry down below, Valve adds special weapons for characters when it gives a big update to TF2. These special weapons are geared towards a particular playstyle, and have advantages that endear it to that role and weaknesses that make it unpalatable to other players with the same class, different role.

With that in mind, here's some ideas for classes that Valve hasn't updated yet.

Rocket-propelled Rocket: For the Soldier

Normally a Soldier carries a four-shot rocket launcher (4 loaded, 20 reserve) designed to engage groups of enemies with splash damage at short to medium range. The rockets are slow-travelling, limiting their use at longer ranges.

The Rocket-Propelled Rocket is designed slightly differently. It's a much larger, much faster moving rocket that does more damage and has a greater area of effect than the normal rockets. Downside? You only get one shot before you need to reload, and the animation is significantly longer than reloading normal rockets. I'm thinking 1 loaded, 10 reserve, but that's subject to balance issues.

So if the RPR carrying soldier is engaged at close range by a normal soldier, the normal one would probably win. If the RPR soldier catches the normal soldier with his buddies off guard, he can fire his rocket to massively weaken or kill a large group of targets.

Semi-Automated Pistol: For the Engineer

The most common tactic for Engineers in Team Fortress 2 is simple--hide behind your sentry nest. If the sentry nest refuses to take something out, like a disguised spy, the Engineer can engage with his shotgun at close range or with his pistol (12 loaded, 200(!) reserve) at longer ranges.

The Semi-Automated Pistol (I'm thinking 12 loaded, 120 reserve) is designed to encourage the nesting habit. At any time, the engineer can set it down; it will quickly restructure itself into a level 1 Sentry gun. He can use this in addition to his normal sentry to cover a larger area, or use this new sentry to cover his back. He can repair and reload it like his normal sentry (hit it with his wrench), but he cannot upgrade it.

Should the Semi-Automated Pistol be destroyed as a sentry, that's it; the Engineer cannot reacquire it until he dies and respawns. Further, the pistol-to-sentry transition is one-way; he cannot recover the pistol, leaving him only his shotgun to engage targets not covered by his sentry.

Team Fortress 2 players, what do you think?


  1. The other thing with a "one-shot rl" that you could do would be to have it gain speed with distance (positive acceleration) and gain damage with distance (negative damage falloff). That way it would work better at long range, while leaving the soldier relatively worse off close up.

    That said, i'm expecting the soldier to be another class where the primary weapon doesn't get replaced (since it's so integral to the way soldier plays).

    The engy pistol deal... would be a bit too strong. Even if you totally take the pistol away (in exchange) and even if you make it cost metal i'm pretty sure every engy on defense would take it.

    Maybe if you took away the level 3 sentry in exchange for a level 1 and level 2 it'd be fine. Not entirely sure..

    Forget, for a moment, how good it would be against spies... just imagine being able to have every angle covered by something...

    Alternatively, perhaps a totally new building could be introduced.

    The other thing is that i'm not sure you want to encourage big, static sentry farms. I think those are a bit of an issue with the way the game is played already.

  2. Well, WINTER, you play both classes more than I play them, so you're probably right on the engineer pistol deal. I also like the idea of accelerating rockets (something close to more modern deals that accelerate as they burn their mass as fuel). But I'm not sure why the soldier's primary weapon would not be replaced--EVERY OTHER update has recieved an alternate primary weapon.

  3. Not true if you count spy knife as primary, which you should :)

  4. Sorry, Winter, but the knife is melee, and the revolver is primary. And the revolver got replaced by the Ambassador. So there. Nya.