Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Thoughts #3

If gay men are supposed to be attracted to masculinity, is a man attracted to girly or not-particularly-manly men (like myself--what can I say, Link from the Legend of Zelda series looks nice) gay or compensating for a percieved lack of ability to attract women?


  1. The issue here is that you are equating "masculinity" with "men" or "males". This is how most people view things, but it's not really the case. "Total masculinity" is actually insanely rare, and people like all kinds of different styles. (Consider the yaoi fangirls who like the effeminate boy characters.)

    It's a false dichotomy regarding orientation, and doesn't really explain a wide swath of people. Since it does not have explanative power it is somewhat useless.

  2. It's actually those yaoi fangirls--in particular, real-life gay men's dislike of yaoi--that has me confused on that point, actually, Winter.

  3. Well, to be more specific, all the guys I like are, in some form or another, "girly". Is it the girliness I like, or the androgyny, or what?