Monday, July 20, 2009

Awaken, my Child...

...and know the glory that is your birthright!

Apparently, Gmail users get first-line access to blogging, so why not create one, ah?
So hello on the Internet to anyone who cares. You can call me Davin Valkri; it's what I use for most online stuff. Despite the post title, I'm not a Starcraft player, but I do play a lot of computer games. I also think a lot about politics, as you may or may not be able to guess from the links. Well, here's hoping I don't regret this.

Edit: As the blog title suggests (it's actually more or less stolen from regular columns by Thomas Sowell and Mark Steyn, very good thinkers), you're going to find me rambling about political things, possibly in a somewhat pseudo-philisophical manner. These will be filed under "Political Mediations/Ramblings". Hopefully I won't need a "rant" category. I'll talk about plenty of other things, too, like Team Fortress 2. These...well, I haven't decided on a category.


  1. Heya Davin. I wish you luck on this, your latest endeavor

  2. Thanks, Phase. That means a lot.

  3. Eh, nice blog you got here, very colorful-like, quite promising. Bit fragile, bit fragile--gotta be careful with a blog like this, y'see.


    Oh? What's this? Oh, my, seem to have broken a link there. Gotta be careful in these parts of the internet--lot of nasty things could happen to a new blogger. Could get DOS'd, or hit by spammers, or given homoerotic nicknames in front of your peers...

    Don't worry, though. That's not gonna happen you you. Cos I like you. Promising lad, that's what I said. I'm gonna protect you, I will. For a price...

    5 cookies a week, and you'll be right as rain. Take care, now.

  4. Are we talking Internet cookies or baked goods? Because your blog's in the link list...